Dragonfly Trimmu sailing logbook

Sailing with Dragonfly 800 type trimaran. Photos about sailing trips, maintaining and modifying the boat. Opinions about multihull sailing, dighny sailing and travelling in the nature. Notes about different kind of settings and controls of boat.

sunnuntai 5. kesäkuuta 2011

Työleiri sunnuntai /Labor camp sunday (9)

Sunnuntaina jatkettiin taas pesua ja vahausta. Ruokatauolla Timo teki muistiinpanoja saaressa laulaneista linnuista. Ohi purjehti jossakin vaiheessa porukkavene Pandion.

On sunday we continued washing and waxing. On lunch break Timo made notes from the birds which have singed in the island. We also saw a sailingboat Pandion, which is owned by a group of people to which we also belong.

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