Dragonfly Trimmu sailing logbook

Sailing with Dragonfly 800 type trimaran. Photos about sailing trips, maintaining and modifying the boat. Opinions about multihull sailing, dighny sailing and travelling in the nature. Notes about different kind of settings and controls of boat.

Ponttoonien aukaisu /Swing wing system

Ulompi köysi vetää viiksen auki /The outer rope opens the arma

Vinssausta 20 sekuntia /Winching 20 seconds

Lukitaan 3:lla erilaisella lukolla /Locking with 3 different kind of locks
Alla linkki Quorningin viralliselle sivulle, missä kuvataan paremmin swing wingin toimintaa. /Below link to Quorning official page, where they discribe better the swing wing action.