Dragonfly Trimmu sailing logbook

Sailing with Dragonfly 800 type trimaran. Photos about sailing trips, maintaining and modifying the boat. Opinions about multihull sailing, dighny sailing and travelling in the nature. Notes about different kind of settings and controls of boat.

maanantai 25. elokuuta 2008

Torstaipurjehdus /Thorsdaysailing

14.8.08 Torstaipurjehdus (35)

2M (349M) Mukana Yrjö K, Oiva A ja Pekka A. Purjehdus mukavassa lounaistuulessa. Tultiin ensimmäisenä maaliin.

14.8.2008 Thorsdaysailing (35)
2M (349M) Onboard Yrjö K, Oiva A and Pekka A. Sailing in nice southwest wind. We came first to finish line.

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